let’s holiday

What a busy day and week for the next 2 weeks..

First, i’ve to attend another course that is Telephone Techniques & Etiquette in about 4 days… what??hahaaa..layan jelahh.. daripada takde kursus.. i need them for my SKT ok.. then, back to school which i’ve to take my PTK test for the second time.. bila ntah nak dpt 4!

..and after that, the whole family akan berholiday ke Sabah.. oh silap, only 4 of us.. gedik & husband tak ikut. finally.. my dreams will come true.. yeaaay

..otak akan rase release dan tenang tatkala bertravelling.. hilang segala masalah.. hhhmmm~~


~ by littlemine on 14/05/2009.

6 Responses to “let’s holiday”

  1. hi..slm kenal. mau jln kt sabah kn? nk g area mane? sibuk je mau tanye2…hehe

    • iye..saya mau ke sana..tapi xlame.. 3 hari saje.. org sabah ya kamu?

  2. benci aku benci!!!!!!!!

  3. best2… sabah sgt best.. gi la snokerling.. sonotttt

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